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Ever have a sauce that pours out way too quickly but doesn't come with one of those flow restrictors? We've got you covered.

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We bought a bunch because we have that problem on the Hot Sauce Tasting Bar where a spill occurs about ever 30 minutes , and so we figured we'd offer them to our customers too. Just mention it in the order notes on the cart page if you'd like a free one. Hooded Crow Hot Sauce here. We are a small batch hot sauce company located in Red Bank, New Jersey, and we produce sauce with great flavor with some Irish flair made from the best local produce. My partner and I have always been longtime hot sauce enthusiasts, so we decided to create sauces that had a good amount of spice but also had a dynamic flavor behind it.

We are not just another novelty hot sauce collecting dust on your shelf!

Our latest Special! They will be picked at random. New Recipe 2: Fire-roasted red pepper, Fresno chili pepper and horseradish. For more info, visit our site at [HoodedCrowNJ. Instagram Raffle! We will be approaching followers soon, so we will be setting up a raffle as soon as we hit the mark. We only need maybe 50 more people to watch us. So stay tuned!! This coupon code applies to everything in your cart from sauce to apparel.

You can get everything Lucky Dog Hot Sauce right here! I make a very spicy chili infused oil and we cook our popcorn in that so the spice is in the popcorn, not on it.

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Currently we have Red White and Bleu which is a double cheddar blend with blue cheese and tomato, and a salt and vinegar flavor. They are both very spicy.

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I would love to send out sample boxes containing both our flavors to five redditors. We just got a good review on Tasting the Heat. You don't seem to ship elsewhere than the USA, will you be shipping to Canada in the future? Where in East Atlanta?

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I'm about 10 minutes away from East Atlanta and would love to pick up some of your popcorn. Just opened up a bag of salt and vinegar, so good!! How do you define good food?

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Good food utilizes and emphasizes the natural flavors of the ingredients, without preservatives. Best part about being in the food industry?

Black Label - Extra Hot Fire-Roasted Pepper Sauce 5 OZ | Lucky Dog Hot Sauce - Food's Best Friend!

Accessing all different types of herbs, flavors, and healthy foods. Worst part about being in the food industry? People eat days of the year! So the food industry can be demanding at times, and hectic to keep up with. We are a diverse vegetable farm located in a challenging, often windy, environment. Hot Sauce, fish sauce, and homemade salad dressing. I would be designing systems. Your good food wish?