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You can flush an engine and use fully synthetic oil after using mineral oil, provided the oil seals are in good condition, but why use mineral oil these days? If you can find synthetic oil on sale and its price rivals conventional oil, I can't see a reason not to use it. Royal Purple API-licensed synthetic engine oils allow motorists to travel as many as 12, miles as the recommended oil change interval.

Afterwards I recommend a synthetic 5w30 or 10w30 depending on your climate on 7, to 10, mile intervals with a filter change halfway through unless you use a filter designed for long intervals. The unique chemical makeup of synthetic oil means it performs differently than other oil.

Mobil 1 0w30 Full Synthetic, and 1 quart every 2k with regular 5w30 Conventional oil.

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What it means to you? Reduced oil consumption means less time and money wasted topping off your oil. I have 25, miles and always had the synthetic. I was not able to tell from the manual if the car comes with synthetic or regular; it just says you can use synthetic. Synthetic oil takes longer to break down and is designed to last for 7, to 10, miles or more between oil changes. There is some differences between synthetic and regular oil. The Jalopnik article states when motor oil is clean whether dino or synth , it is pretty much harmless to us humans.

This synthetic oil has to be the best yet. I would usually only do that to get me to the store to buy myself some of the regular oil I use. Make sure you have some because you will certainly need to top off somewhere along the way. Post warranty period, will conventional oil harm this engine? Previous SR5 used 5W30 for k miles with 5k miles between oil changes. My plan is to use synthetic oil at my oil change, but I don't know what to top it off with in the meantime. Hi, Matt here. Pickup Trucks Synthetic or Conventional Oil? Changing fluids in a pickup truck has been necessary since the first one rolled off the assembly line more than years ago.

Toyota suggests 10k intervals for a Prius using the recommended synthetic oil under normal service, along with tire rotation and inspection. Oil consumption is a major issue in turbo cars, and by the looks of it, Mobil 1 is paying close attention. Purolator Boss Oil Filter. Conventional oil could never stand up to synthetic when it comes to. The oil is ideal for reducing the consumption and the formation of any residue. But if you don't extend your oil change intervals past k miles or so using conventional oil, using synthetic oil that you pay full retail price for is a waste of resources and money in my opinion.

Some makers have recommendations one way or the other, but is there truly a better way to go? Benefits of Synthetic Oil. When I purchased my Audi A4 1. My Tacoma only has 20, miles on it, but I've been told my mechanic i'm losing oil and he said your car accord 2. While the shelves seem to stock more and more synthetic options with each passing day, conventional oil is still the unrivaled king when it comes to availability.

If you want to gain the best out of your synthetic oil, FRAM filter will help you in this matter. Either synthetic or mineral based clock oils are fine, as long as they contain a good quality, non-sulfur based antioxidant. Even though synthetic and conventional engine oil has impressive performance and extended service life, it will eventually start breaking down.

I've also come to the conclusion that if more people used synthetic oil, it could reduce our dependence on foreign oil because of the longer change interval, we in effect will be using less overall in a year's time. And if it's really worth the money. The other plus points of synthetic oils are that it can withhold both very high temperature and very low temperature where the regular oils fail to function efficiently. The 5k service intervals include tire rotation, inspection and topping off of fluids as needed.

However, my standard practice is just to buy a quart of the same stuff and top it off. You can save yourself a couple of bucks by changing the oil in your car yourself. Conventional Oil. Hope you guys enjoyed this video. Conventional motor oil is a lubricant that is derived directly from 1. Is synthetic oil better for my engine than conventional oil? Yes, synthetic oil is better for your engine than conventional oil. Sticking with 0W20 full synthetic is your best bet overall. Regular oil are naturally occurring mineral based oils that are refined from crude oil.

Making the switch from conventional to synthetic oil. I wanted to know if you could top off oil with synthetic oil? I am not sure if its full synthetic or not. Everybody knows engines need oil, but there is an ongoing debate about which oil is best. My wife just bought a Subaru that requires a 0W oil. I'm trying to get rid of the conventional oil since I'm addicted to synthetic oil so the clean will be perfect for topping off. Our top pick: Mobil 1 full-synthetic engine oil because it's available in numerous formulas for both newer and older vehicles.

Conventional motor oil will fill those grooves and maintain a tight seal. We know a quick search of the Internet will expose numerous articles preaching that owners can go 10,, 15, or even 20, miles between changes using conventional oil. Not finding the answer you want? Ask your own question. On the other hand, if you use synthetic oil, you should probably change it every 7, miles, though some synthetic oils last 10,, miles. I asked a tech what they use in their rebuilt diff units and he told me just regular gear oil and not synthetics because they have had problems with running synthetics.

That extra 5, miles may be worth the investment. Both synthetic oil and conventional motor oil are made from refining crude oil taken from deep underground.

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In point of fact, synthetic motor oils are more sludge resistant than their petroleum counterparts, resisting the effects of high temperatures and oxidation. Synthetic Oil: The Differences. The oil is stronger than other oil brands and retains viscosity. Synthetic oil is more slippery and tends to sneak past engine seals that have been "soaked" in conventional oil I would just stick with regular oil with regular interval changes at this point and hope that the noise you're hearing isnt anything serious because if it is synthetic oil isn't gonna do much.

In a nutshell, full synthetic oil is far superior to conventional oil because of its longevity. But to answer your question: yes, synthetic can change how your clutch acts.

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I am willing to live with I had never had to top off oil between changes. Is it a safe practice to drain the synthetic, use a conventional 20w50 for the rest of the season before she sits for a long winter nap, then change it out in the spring and go back to a full synthetic? Thanks for the help Synthetic Motor Oil mixed with conventional oil, can it damage anything? I have an 08 Corolla with 23, miles that is wasting oil. Visually, you cannot tell the difference between new synthetic and conventional oil. Can you mix synthetic brake fluid with regular brake fluid? It is usually when you have to top off brake fluids, or have been using regular brake fluid for a long time and are considering switching to synthetic brake fluid, that you wonder if you can mix synthetic brake fluid with regular brake fluid.

If you need to top off the oil between changes, you should stick to the same type. I was planning on it but never found a place handy to do so. Their Purolator Boss oil filter works wonderfully with synthetic engine oil. Is it ok to mix full synthetic and synthetic blend motor oil?

Say, you are changing your oil and you vehicle takes 5 quarts and you accidently only buy a 4 qt jug of Mobil 1 full synthetic 10w Significantly outperforming conventional oil, Mobil 1 full synthetic motor oils. Synthetics have some advantages over conventional motor oil. It states: No, the oil was change every miles,I just think the synth oil did it job by cleaning all that dirt,other crap off the seals and in the engine ,since it was camry with that many miles it started to ahve a oil leak,not a heavy one,but you could tell there was a leak,maybe a quarter size in the morning.

Either from this forum or perhaps another, someone recommended substituting one quart of the Lucas Oil Engine Oil Stop Leak for one quart of oil during oil changes, whether they be synthetic or regular oil changes. Synthetic motor oil is a substitute for conventional motor oil. It is strongly suggested that synthetic be used but not mandatory. Synthetic oils work quite differently. Also, you should not ignore the motor. Conventional oil is a derivative of crude oil that has the ability to provide lubrication for engine parts at higher temperatures. It's oxidation that causes thickening, sludging, and hardening of oils in Conventional vs.

The Honda 10W motor oil is conventional synthetic oil that is suitable to increase the longevity of the generator. Consumer Reports recommends using a synthetic if you tend to make many small trips, use your car for intensive jobs such as towing, or live in very hot or cold conditions. There is no danger mixing synthetic and conventional motor oil; however, conventional oil will detract from the superior performance of synthetic oil and reduce its benefits. Mobil Super conventional motor oil has replaced the now-discontinued Mobil Clean , and carries over very similar performance.

Truck Full Synthetic Oil Change If you don't have a lot of experience with how cars work, figuring out whether to use synthetic oils or conventional motor oil can be a little confusing. It's definitely all right to top up with synthetic oil between oil changes. Regular Oil, which is better? In the presence of high temperatures, two things happen.

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If your car takes conventional oil, most mechanics recommend an oil change every 3, to 5, miles. When Synthetic Engine Oil loses viscosity, it will no longer function properly keeping the engine's moving parts lubricated. You regularly miss your 3,mile oil change interval. Plus, those chemicals used to make synthetic oil also come from, ultimately, petroleum. Synthetic oil is a combination of man made oil and mineral based or just fully man made oil, which is refined further in chemical plants. The higher the grade of oil used, the more you can expect to pay, with semi and full synthetic oils topping the price list.

Oil companies and auto manufacturers agree that change intervals should not be extended beyond what is recommended in the service manual, despite the use of synthetic oil. My boss told me he runs conventional gear oil in his Jeep differentials also because he has seen problems with running synthetics. Although conventional oil i. Synthetic motor oil is often recommended as a better alternative for car engines although it is pricier than regular motor oil.

I have put together this resource to help you find the best synthetic oil and with my experience will help you make an informed decision on what to use next or confirm that you may already be using the best. When changing from synthetic to regular oil, there is not anything special that you need to do because synthetic oil will mix directly with regular oil of the same weight no engine flush is needed.

Extended performance synthetic motor oil is on the upper top of that range. Royal Purple. Whats yalls opinion, do i top it off with syn or make the 20 mile trip to dealer for the correct oil? A high portion of synthetic oil has the proper capability to give you better performance. This imparts some of the benefits of synthetics into conventional oil, but at a lower price.

Synthetic Versus Conventional Oil Myths. Some classes of synthetic oil are called synthetic blends. So change the oil completely and use some cheap conventional oil. In simple words, you may not be able to obtain the best performance and protection for your car. It is not likely that you would form gel by mixing the two oils. Anyone know the pros and cons? Does the car come with conventional off the lot?

Can you switch back and forth? Can you mix the oils? Choosing to switch your vehicle from conventional oil to synthetic oil can be one of the best and easiest choices you can make toward keeping your vehicle in top shape. It prides itself on offering better quality than any of its competitors.

Don't mix both types, this can damage the oil already in. Because synthetic transmission fluid is more expensive than conventional transmission fluid, mixing synthetic and mineral-based fluid when the fluid is changed is a way to cut cost while gaining some of the advantages of synthetic transmission fluid. In many vehicles, conventional oil works just fine with regular oil changes, meaning you can save money and drive just as far with a more affordable oil option. That will help your engine get the full benefit of synthetic oil.

Synthetic oil is manufactured molecule by molecule, and because of that, synthetics have fewer imperfections in their chemical buildup than Synthetic oil change intervals range 10,, miles or once a year whatever comes first. Find out if you can do so safely. Depending on where you are travelling, a small no name garage [ ]is not going to carry full synthetic oil. The detailed answer: With synthetic lubricants continuing to grow in popularity, the question of whether synthetics and conventional oils can be safely mixed often arises. First off, synthetic oil is better than conventional oil when it comes to its form and function.

Synthetic oil is used as a substitute for lubricant refined from petroleum when Synthetic motor oils experience less "boil off" than conventional motor oils. Who else does this? Mix synthetic transmission fluid with regular? It is typically okay to use synthetic ATF to top off a transmission originally filled with conventional ATF, or to replace conventional ATF in a You can run a conventional oil 5K miles but you should be able to run a synthetic oil to miles.

It also has longevity and can maintain its properties over long periods of time.

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Auto experts say synthetic oil provides the following benefits: - Long-lasting. The M1 filter is expensive, but again, with oil filters, you really get what you pay for and no one wants mom telling them they are about to pay twice. For more tips on car maintenance, traffic, and defensive driving, check out idrivesafely. Its something you might want to think about. The downside is that your vehicle won't reap the benefits of a fully synthetic product. In fact, it is recommended that cars that have over , miles continue to use conventional motor oil.

Synthetic blend oil — This type of oil is a combination of the conventional and synthetic oil. For those that change their vehicle's oil themselves, the Running synthetic oil and need to top off with conventional oil? No problem, modern synthetic oils can be mixed with dino conventional oil without issue.

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This oil is one of the top dino oils available on the market, with good cleaning and anti-wear additives to extend engine life. Note that not all Toyota models that require the use of 0W synthetic oil Making the switch from conventional to synthetic oil. The first such synthetic motor oil to the same oil for topping off that you have been running in the engine. API Group III base oils are sometimes considered fully synthetic, but they are still classified as highest-top-level mineral-base stocks. For example, a person might change his or her oil every 2, miles with regular oil and only every 5, miles with synthetic oil.

I am am little concerned with starting to run full synthetic because isn't it true once you put full synthetic in a car you can't go back and use regular oil or synthetic blend anymore or it damages the engine? Thanks for your reply and guidance Steve I have had a minor leak in my rear engine seal for a while. There can be different additive chemistry at play, so adding conventional motor oil to synthetic oil and vice versa Regardless of the number of miles on your car, switching from conventional to synthetic motor oil will benefit your engine, but synthetic oil will typically yield the most benefits if you start using it during the early break-in period of your vehicle, i.

They provide maximum However, you should continue to check the oil level regularly and top off if needed. Re: Synthetic Oil vs. Synthetic lubricants can be manufactured using chemically modified petroleum components rather than whole crude oil, but can also be synthesized from other raw materials.

Synthetic oil advantages include- increased engine protection, better function in the extreme weather condition, better fuel economy, reduced engine drag, and longer interval between the oil changes. I can't imagine that heat production of earlier engines is significantly lower than the M54, either.

Although using synthetic oil have many benefits, it may not be the best solution for your vehicle. The synthetic oil change price will depend on your location, but here is an average synthetic oil change cost and extra fees that you may be paying. It is the top brand as far as oil filters go. Synthetic other benefits when compared to conventional petroleum and animal-fat based products.

There can be different additive chemistry at play, so adding conventional motor oil to synthetic oil and vice versa When you change your car's engine oil you have a lot of choices, including the use of synthetic oil or conventional oil. Q: I have some synthetic oil in the reservoir already but I can't find any in stores to top off. However, one source contradicts Kevin by hinting that the quarter-million figure belongs to Loveless only.

Enigmatic label boss Alan McGee will only reveal "It cost a lot of money, but we all love the album". In their pre-Creation days, MBV discovered a sonic frequency which causes physical pain and purposely used it to make their live sets very uncomfortable for audiences: "We did it for a few years when we thought we were massively misunderstood, when we were just perceived as a twee pop band. The fun is in watching people's faces. That's why we light the audience up, to see their discomfort. Belying his hulking frame, Kevin whispers with a sing-song Irish burr, the legacy of a childhood spent mostly in Dublin, where he and Valentines' drummer Colm O'Coisoig had their first forays into the sonic twilight zone dismissed by an insular pop community.

I loved bands like the Ramones and didn't know much about the history of music, so as far as I was concerned The Ramones appeared from nowhere. I didn't know about all these 60s garage punk bands. I was hung up for a few years on the idea that you had to be original; me and Colm spent two years making original music but it was boring and uninspired. We weren't doing it for the right reasons. Decamping to Europe on the advice of former Virgin Prune Gavin Friday, the nascent Valentines — now incorporating guitarist Bilinda Butcher, bassist Debbie Googe and a short-lived singer called Dave — enjoyed eight months of debauchery in Berlin and Amsterdam before arriving in London just in time to collide with the C86 indie movement.

An unwanted reputation for jangly feyness was foisted upon them, largely due to their weedy first efforts on Lazy, the label run by Primitives manager Wayne Morris. A stormy marriage, as Kevin recalls. Wayne Morris was just so evil to us, him and the Primitives, we fell out with him before we even finished the record. He was so ruthless, he had no respect for the idea of people making music. The Primitives were more manufactured than any Stock Aitken Waterman band.

I've seen Wayne tell the guitarist to completely change his hairstyle, he told Tracey he would have her making love to the microphone in a miniskirt within six months … and he did! Leaving Lazy — and Dave — behind, MBV reinvented themselves for Creation as merchants of dreamy pop tunes clothed in juddering noise volcanoes. With Kevin as main songwriter, the channelled feedback eruptions and bent-out-of-shape guitars on Isn't Anything hung in the air like jet-propelled abstract art, a rootless and seemingly unassailable precipice of pure pop.

Suddenly, name-checking the Valentines became hip and indie hopefuls began roughing up their sound all over Southern England. Remembering the fickleness of public opinion, Kevin questions the true extent of his band's influence. It's always impossible to see yourself in other people. Most of the bands that are seen to be influenced by us, their strange sounds come from using lots of effects. There's no effect in existence you could plug into and have our sound, it's just the way we treat things, mainly the tremolo arm on our guitars … the way I think about sound is like a picture in my head, a textured picture.

I'm thinking of writing them down some day. That should make interesting reading for Oxford's Ride, who caught most of the flak for being prime MBV copyists, partly due to sharing the same label. Singer Mark Gardiner acknowledges the inspiration but denies jumping on the bandwagon: "If we'd wanted to be part of any scene when we started we'd have put on baggy trousers and pretended to come from up north.

We're on Creation for the same reason a lot of bands are, because it's a label that lets you do what you want, they give you freedom. To me all these bands don't sound alike at all. One significant difference between the Valentines and their descendants is their distance from the social scene that loosely binds these younger bands. Despite a professed love of Ecstasy, House and especially hip-hop — "it beats the shit out of most rock music when it comes to being experimental, it's been a constant source of inspiration to us" — Kevin generally avoids clubs and pop-star ligging.

His long-term involvement with Bilinda and her eight-year-old son Toby keeps him away from frantic socialising, but does this relationship fuel MBV's music? Sleepy-eyed Bilinda is doubtful. Obviously if I'm singing it's going to have a feminine touch to it, but quite often people mistake mine and Kevin's voices anyway … it's probably more androgynous than actually feminine.

Perhaps non-committal is a better description.

Despite their shuddering magnificence, the Valentines' songs remain inaccessibly private and largely emotionless, loveless, even: the aforementioned blank screen on to which observers project their religious, sexual and narcotic fantasies. Kevin confesses this is a deliberate strategy. Not glamorous stuff like getting arrested for drugs or whatever, it's more mundane domestic shit that really fucks you up, personal things that are totally beyond the experience of the average student.

Bilinda happened to bring up a kid under bad circumstances, it's very real, we don't really talk about it.